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What People are Saying

My time at SFA was second to none. From the instructors to the fire grounds/content, it was a fantastic experience. Not only did they provide me with the skills necessary to make the jump into this competitive career, but the confidence as well. A well oiled machine that no doubt has gotten smoother in the last couple of years. I’ve recommended SFA to many past colleagues and will continue to do so. Much respect.

C. Jackson

What People are Saying

SFA truly offered me unique experience for personal growth and development. It challenged and tested who I was as a person both physically and mentally. I went in looking to obtain my pre-service certificates and came out with so much more. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their leadership skills, enhance their mental aptitude and critical thinking, and learn the importance of understanding your role as a team member within the Fire Service.

B. Khan

What People are Saying

I first walked into SFA with nothing but a goal in mind, and a drive to achieve that goal. The team at SFA welcomed me and provided the tools for accomplishing my goal. Completing my FF 1001 and 1072 through their blended boot camp program was like living with a fire family in a firehouse.  I then went back to complete more NFPA Seals and volunteered on the fire ground, which helped me grow as a person, firefighter, and candidate.

B. Ehrlich

What People are Saying

As a proud graduate from Bootcamp 48, I can say that Southwest Fire Academy is an excellent program for those interested in pursuing a career in firefighting. The academy offers comprehensive training in firefighting techniques, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials response, among other areas. The instructors at Southwest Fire Academy are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the field.

O. Zonnenberg

What People are Saying

Incredible program that challenges your skills as a firefighter and a person, with knowledgeable instructors who have a clear passion for firefighting and keeping the “grit” of firefighters alive. I highly recommend this program! I had previously attended a public college pre-service firefighting program in 2012. It was informative and had good gear and good instructors.

M. Michaud

What People are Saying

SFA far exceeded my expectations. My experience there was extremely beneficial. The amount of experience provided by the instructors was incredible, and helped me to secure a job as a full time firefighter shortly after graduating. The bootcamp setup really puts you into a firehall atmosphere and mindset.

D. Asselin

What People are Saying

Firefighting is my dream job, and taking it on as a second career in my mid-30s was no easy challenge.  SFA’s program allowed me to conquer that challenge and get my OFM certs.  The work was hard, but the instructors were great, using their first-hand life experience as Frontline Firefighters, and the gear used is top-notch.  If you’re looking to switch careers like me or start your journey in the fire service, SFA is the place you want.  They are flexible and challenge you both physically and mentally to do the job. I would highly recommend SFA to anyone looking to get in the fire service.

M. Moss

What People are Saying

I’m a first responder of 13 years and also a volunteer firefighter. I completed bootcamp 50. I had heard lots of good stories about SFA and I wanted to advance my skills and knowledge towards my dream of becoming a fulltime firefighter. This was the best investment I have ever made for myself. The knowledge and skills I learned from high level instructors I feel has brought my game to entirely new level. SFA really gave me the full experience of what it would be like to be a fulltime firefighter and also what it takes. I’m now more prepared than ever. Thanks SFA!

A. Gammon

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