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Firefighter Pre-Service – NFPA 1001/1072

Ontario Accredited Firefighter Pre-Service training, which exceeds all the requirements for NFPA 1001 Firefighter I and II (2019), and NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations (2017).
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SFA program - Firefighter Pre-Service – NFPA 1001/1072
Benefits of the SFA Firefighter Pre-Service Program
Authentic Firehouse Experience
Training Delivered by Experienced Firefighters
Hybrid Online and In-Person Education
16-Day Immersive Bootcamp
Complete the Program at Your Own Pace (3-6 Months Average)
Enroll and Begin the Program at Any Time
Accommodations Included
All Meals Included
Gear Rental Included
OFM Testing Fees Included
Financial Assistance Available
No Daily Commute to Campus
Become Immersed in Firefighter Culture
Opportunities for Extra Support, Lessons, Sets, and Reps
EMR Offered Immediately After Bootcamp (Taught Based off Firefighter Scenarios)
Additional Courses to Build Your Resume Post-Bootcamp
Post-Graduate Volunteer/Employment Opportunities at SFA
Opportunities to Network with Reputable Instructors
Facility Owned and Operated by Active Firefighters


Southwest Fire Academy offers the most aggressive, realistic approach to Firefighter Pre-Service training, with its 16-day immersive bootcamp, during which students live and train on campus in a firehouse setting. This program enables students to work as a team and experience what it is really like to be a firefighter. The majority of the textbook learning is done independently prior to bootcamp, so students are prepared for the practical portion with a strong foundation of knowledge. The time spent at SFA is maximized with hands-on training, delivered by the best instructors in the industry. Get ready for sets and reps, to develop strong skills and abilities to prepare you for your demanding career. Get ready to work. It’s time to become the best, trained by the best.

This program is approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. At the end of the program, the successful student will participate in testing provided by the Ontario Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Office, for IFSAC certification in:

  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level I
  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level II
  • NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Operations

If successful in this program and the examinations, you will satisfy the Ontario Firefighter Pre-Service requirements for NFPA 1001 and 1072, and can begin your applications to municipal departments.


Standard First Aid and CPR Basic Life Support (BLS, formerly HCP)

Note: If you have CPR level HCP, this satisfies the prerequisite requirement

Program Components

This course is broken down into three components:

1 Computer Based Learning:

Upon enrollment, students will be mailed the IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting 7th edition and the IFSTA Hazardous Materials for First Responders textbooks and online course access. You will follow a program to complete online course work independently, on your own time. This component of the core program must be completed prior to the start of your bootcamp.  There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not complete your course work, you do not qualify to begin your bootcamp. We recommend that you manage your time well and ensure this course work is done at least one week prior to your arrival at SFA. While people work at different paces, we recommend you plan for the online training to take between three and six months.

2 Classroom / On-Campus Pre-Bootcamp Learning:

Before beginning bootcamp at SFA, each student must complete five Modules of study on campus. These Modules are called Modules A, B, C, D, and X. Modules A-D each consist of one full day of instructor-led study on campus, for a total of four days of study. Module X is a self-guided Module, which must be completed on campus as well; however, it can be done in either the evenings of Modules A-D or as an additional full day on campus – the choice is yours.

The instructor-led Modules A-D are provided several times a month on various dates, so no matter what your schedule, you can complete the training at your convenience.  These can be done out of order, and you are more than welcome to re-take Modules several times, for extra training. During these Modules, you will complete online tests, equipment orientation, and basic firefighter skills. While on campus, feel free to take advantage of having access to equipment, instructors, study areas, and props! All of this makes the SFA Firefighter Pre-Service program the most flexible program available today, preparing you to become the ultimate candidate for the fire service.

Please note that Modules A-D have historically been known as Days 1-4. If you are scheduled for Days 1-4, you are satisfying this requirement. You can complete Module X in the evenings of your Days 1-4 or as an additional day of study. Accommodations may be available upon request during your Modules A-D and X, at no additional cost.

For more information on Module X, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

3 Firefighter Bootcamp

Students will live and work together in an immersive firehouse setting for 16-days, while learning the basic skills and techniques required to begin a career as a firefighter. Throughout the program, you will have use of the best firefighting, rescue equipment, and PPE available on the market today. You will arrive on a Friday afternoon for an orientation to the bootcamp. Each day of bootcamp will generally have the following schedule:

     0530 – 0630 – Physical Training (Yoga, Stretching, Warm Up)
     0630 – 0745 – Showers, Breakfast, Dorm Inspections
     0800 – 0900 – Daily Exam / Daily Safety Briefing
     0900 – 1200 – Classroom / Practical Training
     1200 – 1300 – Lunch
     1300 – 1600 – Classroom / Practical Training
     1600 – 1700 – Individual Study / Station Duties
     1700 – 1800 – Supper
     1800 – 2200 – Individual Study / Group Work / Optional Training
     2200 – 0530 – Lights Out / Individual Study / Emergency Response Simulation

During your bootcamp, some of your training includes: completing daily PPE/SCBA drills, throwing ladders, learning firefighter survival/RIT, practicing vehicle extrication on real cars, having exposure to live fire and flashover training, ventilating, forcing entry, and learning about hazardous materials. You will be trained by active members of a wide range of departments throughout Ontario. They are leading instructors in the industry, who are extremely passionate about the fire service. You will have the opportunity to use customized cutting-edge props, for the most realistic training available. In addition to training, students will be expected to respond to mock emergencies at any moment, day or night. This is training done the RIGHT way!

Course Length

  1. Computer Based Learning: Though the timeline is different for everyone, we recommend you plan for this portion to take three to six months.
  2. Classroom / On-Campus Pre-Bootcamp Learning: Four to five days on campus, which can be done while you are still doing the computer based learning, as long as you have completed the chapters required for this portion, prior to your arrival.
  3. Firefighter Bootcamp: This portion is sixteen days on campus, which includes your OFMEM testing.

Upon registration, you have twelve months to complete your program.

What is Included

Accommodations, which includes use of:

  • Dorm rooms
  • Communal kitchen
  • Laundry facilities
  • Parking
  • Private washroom/shower facilities
  • All meals and snacks during your bootcamp
  • Use of equipment and training props
  • Textbooks and computer access
  • PPE and SCBA rental
  • All expendable materials
  • OFMEM testing fees
  • Two SFA t-shirts

There are no hidden or additional costs. All expenses for your bootcamp are included in your tuition fees.


Your examinations for the SFA bootcamp portion of your program occur daily and conclude on the 14th day of bootcamp. Candidates successful in this program will receive a certificate of completion from Southwest Fire Academy and will qualify to complete OFMEM testing. OFMEM testing for NFPA 1001 and 1072 are on the SFA campus, for the duration of days 15 and 16 of your bootcamp. OFMEM testing fees are included in your bootcamp tuition.

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Course Upcoming Dates

Bootcamp 62       August 9, 2024 - August 24, 2024
Bootcamp 63       September 6, 2024 - September 21, 2024
Bootcamp 64       November 1, 2024 - November 16, 2024
Bootcamp 65       January 24, 2025 - February 8, 2025
Bootcamp 66       March 21, 2025 - April 5, 2025
SFA Program -Firefighter Pre-Service – NFPA 1001/1072


Meet your instuctors!

SFA Program -Brad Neely
Vice President / Instructor
SFA Program -Jesse Bond
President / Instructor

How to Apply

Here are the Steps:

  1. Simply click on the “Register Now” button on this page, and follow the steps to begin your application!
  2. Once our staff reviews your application, you will be sent a registration package which must be filled out, along with a copy of your ID and proof of grade 12 completion.
  3. When we receive these items and ensure we have all the correct information, we will process your payment.
  4. When funding has been secured, you will be successfully registered, and will receive all of your pre-course materials.

Financial Aid

The SFA Payment Plan is available for this course only. With this plan, you are required to provide a 20% down payment when you register, in addition to a $200 + tax financing fee. The remaining tuition is divided into four equal payments, each due every month following registration.
For an example: if you register on June 01st, your payment schedule will be the following:

  • June 01: 20% tuition + $200+tax financing fee due
  • July 01: 20% tuition due
  • August 01: 20% tuition due
  • September 01: 20% tuition due
  • October 01: 20% tuition due

Note: Tuition must be paid in full prior to the start of bootcamp.

Not sure if you’re ready to take the leap? Check out a one-day look at the role of a firefighter during our SFA Competitive Edge Program.

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