• Pre-Service 1001 Firefighter Course (21-CDN-1001-2-1)

    **This is an open enrollment program. Sign up any time and get started.**

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    Southwest Fire Academy offers an NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level I&II training program that is approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  At the end of the program, the successful student will participate in testing provided by the Ontario Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Office for IFSAC certification in:

         ·         NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level I
         ·         NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level II
         ·         NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Awareness
         ·         NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Operations 

    In order to be eligible to write the OFMEM certification testing and attend the Bootcamp portion you must have a valid Standard First Aid and CPR Level HCP.  

    Our course is broken down into two components:

         1.      Classroom / Computer based learning at the SFA Campus - This component can be done on your schedule. We have sessions scheduled multiple times per month throughout the week and weekends.

         2.      Firefighter boot camp - During your two week boot camp you will be training, working and living with fellow students in a fire station environment. In addition to training, students will be expected to respond to mock emergencies at any moment, day or night. 

    As of Feb 1, 2021 this course will be run at our 36 Hazel Street Waubaushene, Ontario location

    Bootcamp Dates for 2021

    #34 July 9 - July 24, 2021 -5 SPOTS LEFT

    #35 August 13 - 28, 2021 -FULL

    #36 September 10 - 25, 2021 - FULL

    #37 October 8 - 23, 2021 - FULL

    #38 November 5 - 20,2021- FULL

    #39 November 26 - December 11, 2021-FULL

    Bootcamp Dates for 2022

    #40 January 28 - February 12, 2022

    #41 February 18 - March 5, 2022

    #42 March 11 - March 26, 2022

    #43 May 2 - May 21, 2022 - THIS INCLUDES THE DAY 1-4 PRE BOOTCAMP

    #44 May 27 - June 11, 2022

    #45 June 17 - July 2, 2022

    #46 August 8 - August 27, 2022 - THIS INCLUDES THE DAY 1-4 PRE BOOTCAMP

    #47 September 2 - September 17, 2022

    #48 September 23 - October 8, 2022

    Classroom / Computer Based Learning (115 Hours):

    Upon enrollment, students will be mailed the IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting 7th edition and the IFSTA Hazardous Materials for First Responders text book and online course access.  

    This component of the core program is completed at the SFA campus prior to the student starting their bootcamp.  During the 115 hours at the campus, you will compete online tests, equipment orientation, basic firefighter skills and have time for self-study.

    The 115 hours are broken up into instructor led blocks and self-study blocks.  There are 4 days (blocks) of instructor led training that you must attend.  The instructor led blocks are provided several times a month on various dates, so no matter what your schedule, you can complete the training at your convenience.  

    The blocks are designed so that they can be completed out of order.  The campus’s 24- hour / day schedule with provided accommodations means it is available with few exceptions most days for the remainder of your 115 hours / self-study portion.  You can find the available days on the calendar on this website.   

    The 115 hours are the minimum hours required to attend the SFA campus, however, you are more than welcome to spend as much extra time as you wish, at no charge, taking advantage of our equipment, instructors and props!  In addition, if you wish to re-take any of the block training or parts of a block, you are welcome to do so.  All of this makes the SFA Pre-Service Firefighter program the most flexible program available today, preparing you to become the ultimate candidate for the fire service! 

    Firefighter Boot Camp:

    Students will live and work together and the only way to succeed is to embrace the team atmosphere.  Although challenging, the experience and friendships you will create will last a lifetime!

    Throughout the program, you will have access and use the best firefighting, rescue equipment and PPE available on the market today.  You will arrive on a Friday evening and participate in a meet and greet and orientation to the boot camp.  Each day of the boot camp you will generally follow the same schedule:

         0530 – 0630 – Physical Training
         0630 – 0745 – Showers, Breakfast, Dorm Inspections
         0800 – 0900 – Daily Exam / Daily Safety Briefing
         0900 – 1200 – Classroom / Practical Training
         1200 – 1300 – Lunch 
         1300 – 1600 – Classroom / Practical Training
         1600 – 1700 – Individual Study / Station Duties
         1700 – 1800 – Supper 
         1800 – 2200 – Individual Study / Group Work / Optional Training
         2200 – 0530 – Lights Out / Individual Study / Emergency Response Simulations

    Cost of the program includes:

         ·         Accommodations 
         ·         Meals and Snacks during Boot Camp
         ·         Equipment and Training Props
         ·         Text Books and Computer Access
         ·         PPE and SCBA Rental
         ·         All Expendable Materials
         ·         OFMEM Testing Fees

    Payment Plans are Available

    - 25% down payment due upon registering, remaining money is divided into 4 equal payments due 1 month from the date of your down payment.
    Example - June 1 Registration (25% + financing fee), July 1 - payment due, August 1 - payment due, Sept 1 - payment due, Oct 1 - final payment due

    There is a one time non-refundable financing fee of $200.00 added to the deposit payment if you select the SFA payment plan

    Full payment is required before the start of boot camp.

    Southwest Fire Academy also offers several other programs that can help you stand out from the other candidates applying for the greatest career in the world.  Check out our bundle packages for more information.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk to our staff please contact us at or call us at 1-519-582-0999

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